2020 Saint Georges Day Camp @ Home

Between: 25th April 2020 - 26th April 2020 Location:

St Georges Day Celebrations

Over recent years we have tried a few formats to celebrate St Georges day in the District. Traditionally, St George’s Day celebrations have often been parades and faith services. For some, these remain popular shared moments, while for many, this tradition no longer fully engages the young people or reflects the make-up of their Groups.

Today it’s important that the content of any St George’s Day celebration should be shaped by our young people.

Inclusive St George’s Day events are great opportunities to engage our local community and promote the benefits of Scouting. Events that showcase the fun, challenge and adventure of everyday Scouting can have a positive impact on attracting new youth members and adult volunteers. Being visible, proud and enacting the values in the community on St George’s Day is a great advert for Scouting.

The story of Saint George focuses on an individual taking positive action for the good of the whole community, so it can be an obvious moment to celebrate community impact activities within the District.

With these thoughts in mind Chorley District is going to take another step in increasing the reach and effect of our St Georges day celebrations.

22/04/20 Updated:

This year we are going to run a Virtual Saint Georges day challenge for the week 20th to 26th April culminating with a #ChorleyCampAtHome on 25th/26th April. Of course, we want as many groups as possible to participate. This celebration will give every scout in the district an opportunity to be included in the celebration even if they can’t make it to the camp. We want you all to run some section specific tasks over the weekend. Details to follow below.

We’ll use the hashtag #ChorleyCampAtHome.

To make it more interesting our team will review all of the entries and events leading up to and including the camp before awarding a special badge to the group being the most innovative in the way they celebrate St Georges day. This may include anything you wish to share with us regarding St George’s Day.

We will be creating a camp badge for everyone that attends the #ChorleyCampAtHome this weekend, please provide proof of attending to your Leaders.

More details and detailed programme along with attendance form for Groups will be issued shortly. For now get the dates in your Diary and register your interest at the Facebook Event here.

St Georges Day Camp@home Programme

Details of how we will run the Saint Georges day camp on the 25th and 26th of April. This is being led by the scout district bringing together Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Explorers/Network &Leaders across the Chorley District.

The event will centre around 3 separate team meetings on Microsoft Events Live.

Essentially, we will be sending the Group GSL’s a link to share with your young people so that they can join in the team’s event online. This will be in a presentation format, no video or microphone is required.

The three video sessions will be:

2:00 PM Saturday afternoon which is the camp opening and set up of activities & section specific tasks for the afternoon. About 1 hour duration

6:00 PM Saturday afternoon for a barbecue and campfire session 1 hour 30 mins duration

10 AM Sunday morning for the Saint Georges day service followed by the display of dragon crafts On Air till we have covered all but probably 1 hour

Each of these sessions will be hosted by several members of the District Team and we will be encouraging young people and leaders to send in pictures of themselves and their families joining in the fun. We hope they will post these to your groups Facebook page, Facebook Messenger to https://www.facebook.com/chorleyscouts/ or Sharepoint here (details will follow).

Post all pics with the hashtag        #ChorleyCampAthome

Please encourage your young people to:

  • Pack a bag
  • Build a den at home / pitch a tent in the garden/ hang up a hammock
  • Build a ‘campfire’, real or virtual,
  • Take part in a “Scout activity” supplied in the afternoon
  • Help with cooking a meal over a fire if you can

All these tick boxes on Camper and activity badges. The Camp will count against nights away.

Throughout the camp we will be running an online radio station ChorleyScoutsFM. Encourage your youngster to send in requests or dedications to george.lewis@westlancsscouts.org.uk or the station Facebook page .

They can send those in all this week and ask for a shout out for their group or section.

At the real camp we had planned to have a dragon competition. If any want to do some dragon craft, there will be space to show and tell that at the Sunday session

It would be good to see people in Uniform or just necker for the Camp opening on at 2pm Saturday and Full Uniform for the Promise on Sunday Morning.


The ADCs decided between them that they were going to set one challenge each that all of their sections could take part in. 

ADC Beavers Emily & Young Leaders Claire – Both have created a scavenger hunt. Though it appears that they are different enough to give the young people the option to choose which one they complete as Emily’s focuses around the photographer badge and getting outdoors finding items whilst encouraging them to do a walk as their daily exercise. Claire’s focuses on using objects within the house. 

ADC Cubs Paul – A challenge to use objects around the house to create the tallest freestanding structure that they can. 

ADC Scouts Craig – Has set his challenge around the Chefs badge and the making tea challenge.

Beavers video https://youtu.be/SHmgUfn3p0Q

Cubs video https://youtu.be/wvbyCzwTt6c

Scouts video https://youtu.be/cvsYiCyQSX8

Young Leaders video https://youtu.be/7F-vtu6esvU

More details to follow….

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls