Information in case of an emergency – changes to Chorley Hospital

We all try our best to ensure our activities operate in as safe and risk managed environment as possible. However, occasionally accidents and injuries occur which require emergency treatment. For this reason we are sharing the notification below received from the Hospital Trust. Chorley A&E is closing temporarily and will be replaced by an Urgent Care Centre. This means that you will still be able to take any sick or injured people to Chorley but more serious and ambulance cases will be taken to Preston. This may have an impact on your adult cover at events as Preston is further away. Please remember that procedures have not changed, minor injuries to Chorley, if serious phone 999, if you are seeking advice call 111 and notify the District Support Team via the Emergency Number 01257 590025

From Chorley Hospital:


In recent months it has become increasingly difficult for us to staff the middle grade doctor rota at our emergency departments. This issue has arisen for a number of reasons: there is a national shortage of emergency medicine doctors; the trust hasn’t been allocated enough doctors in training who help staff rotas; and the application of the national agency cap has affected the ability to secure locums to fill gaps in the rota.

We have taken a number of actions to recruit a permanent workforce including continuous international and national recruitment activities, changing how our service works and adapting some job roles, to maintain services, and appointing some GPs to provide additional support to the emergency department.

In response to the current staffing pressures we have not applied the agency cap for emergency department doctors. However despite this we have not been able to secure the additional locum doctors we need. Our consultants have been working extra shifts to cover the middle grade doctor rota. However this isn’t sustainable and this approach is beginning to affect our ability to cover the consultant rota.

Despite all of these efforts we have not been able to secure the number of staff we need to continue to safely staff the rotas.

We currently have just eight of the 14 doctors we need to staff the middle grade rotas. This means we can only staff just over 200 hours of the 457 hours on the middle grade rota a week.

The System Resilience Group, which includes the senior leadership and clinical leads of the hospital trust, commissioners, local authority, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and the North West Ambulance service, has met regularly to review the situation, assess risks and consider all the potential options for the future provision of services.

The group has assessed that it is not possible to staff the rotas after 18 April, and there are no other safe options for delivering care – so the emergency department at Chorley will be temporarily replaced by an urgent care service until the staffing crisis is resolved.

The urgent care service will be provided at the urgent care centre, at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital. The service will be provided by a combination of emergency department consultants, nurse practitioners, GPs, nurses and healthcare assistants.

The vast majority of people who currently attend the emergency department at Chorley have conditions that can be treated safely and appropriately by an urgent care service.

Historically major trauma patients, patients who need a specialist service, patients who need to be admitted to hospital for surgery, and children who need paediatric care are already taken directly to Royal Preston Hospital by ambulance or transferred from Chorley after initial triage and treatment. Additionally from Monday 999 ambulances will take patients to Royal Preston Hospital or other nearest appropriate hospital rather than Chorley, and patients who attend Chorley themselves, but who need to be admitted, or need specialist services will be transferred to Preston for assessment.

The Urgent Care Centre will be open between 8am and 8pm. Outside these hours patients should phone 111 for advice or attend their nearest emergency department. From Monday, the Euxton GP out of hours service will also be based at the Urgent Care Centre to provide additional support.

Professor Mark Pugh, Consultant Anaesthetist and Medical Director of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “Changing the current service provided at Chorley is a direct response to the immediate and significant staffing problem. We simply cannot staff the rotas, and it is an unacceptable risk to patient safety to attempt to provide an emergency department service with no doctors available to see people. These measures are temporary, and we will continue to do everything possible to secure all the staff we need and reinstate the emergency department service at Chorley.”

Dr Gora Bangi, Chair of Chorley & South Ribble Clinical Commissioning Group said, “After reviewing the clinical and service recommendations of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, it is clear that this is the only safe and viable option available to maintain safe care for patients given the current staffing challenge. However the System Resilience Group will review the situation on a week by week basis, with a view to reinstating the emergency department service as soon as that’s possible.”

District Commissioner Search Process

Your District Commissioner, Chris Lomas, ends his term on 31st July 2015. With this in mind, the process of finding a successor needs to begin.

The procedure has changed over the years and it is now a much more open process. To assist me I have asked George Lowe, our Deputy County Commissioner to bring together a small search group of members of the District to identify and submit to me their recommendations for consideration as a successor. To assist him, George will identify two non-uniformed adults, two uniformed adults and a younger adult member to create a search group of 6 people.

I now invite you personally to contribute to the search by submitting a nomination (or nominations) of persons whom you feel should be considered for this important voluntary appointment.

Nominations should be submitted, either using this form or by letter, in an envelope marked ‘Personal and Confidential-District Commissioner Nomination’ to: –

George Lowe, 54, Dunoon Close, Preston. PR2 3ZS
Email: –

Nominations should be received on or before 5th June 2015.

In order to ensure the widest possible consultation you are asked, in addition to submitting your own nomination, to circulate this request for nominations to all members of the District and Group Scout Councils within your area of responsibility. This may be verbally, by mail or via newsletters. Please note that in order to ensure confidentiality, and prevent building up false hopes, nominations should be submitted without approaching the individual concerned.

Self-nomination is acceptable, however please be aware that unsuccessful candidates will not be contacted to inform them of outcomes. Applications and nominations for individuals who are not currently members of the District are also welcomed.

I would therefore ask you to give serious consideration to people with whom you work in Scouting, at work, or in the wider community, and to identify anyone who you believe has the qualities to be your District Commissioner.  When considering a possible candidate please do not compare them against the current or any previous DC’s.   At this stage it is important to draw up a list with as wide a cross section of people as possible, so that the search group can begin the process of preparing a short list.

Finally may I remind you that as a recipient of this letter you are likely to be in the best position to know the needs of the District and potential candidates. Please play your part in ensuring that due consideration is given to all possible candidates by submitting your nomination. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Hankinson

County Commissioner
West Lancashire County Scout Council

Nomination Form

Rotary Money to help our Young Leaders

We are pleased to announce that Chorley and Astley Rotary Club have once again generously given some of their money to benefit Scouting within Chorley District. This time the money is to benefit our 14-18 year old Explorer Scouts working as Young Leaders within our Scout Groups across Chorley. We are currently working on improving our training and looking to provide a weekend’s training to our Young Leaders so that they can complete the necessary young leader training in order to obtain their young leader belts, which is one of the highest accolades for a Young Leader to achieve.

Many thanks to every at the Rotary Club for their continued support of Scouting in Chorley! (We’ll post an update with photos when the training takes place so watch this space).

Hungary 2016! International Adventure for Scouts, Explorers and Leaders

Hungary2016-textIn 2016 Chorley District Scouts will be taking a contingent to Chorley’s twin town of Székesfehérvár in Hungary to take part in an international Scout camp with other Scouts from all over Europe.

The trip is for Scouts and Explorers from Chorley and applicaitons are now open.

We are also looking for a leadership team for this great adventure and applicaiton for the leadership team are also now open.

Visit the downloads page for the flyer, application packs and for more information.


Intrepid Restaurant helps send two Explorers to Japan

On Saturday 29 November 2014, Euxton Methodist Church Hall was transformed into a restaurant for one night only to help fundraise for two of Chorley Explorers Japanese Adventure. Max and Izzy are two of 5 Explorers attending the World Scout Jamboree in Japan next summer. Each participant has to fundraise a certain amount of money themselves to help get on their Japanese adventure and Intrepid Explorer Scout Unit where the two are based decided to help them out and turn their meeting place into a restaurant.



As well as Parents, Scout Leaders, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts the Explorers cooked and served our very own District Chairman Steve Owen and the Mayor of Chorley. The night was met with a resounding success with all diners commenting on how attentive and polite the explorers served the tables and also how good quality the food was! Whilst we are awaiting final figures as to whether or not the total needed for Max and Izzy has been met, it can certainly be said that the night was enjoyed by everyone. So much so the leaders are certainly looking at how they can better the evening!



The whole evening couldn’t have been made possible without some kind and generous donations from local companies with the biggest bulk coming from Kiley Court Hotel who donated plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses just to name a few and generous donations from Preston North End and Tesco.

Check out the full gallery of pictures at